Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is a photo that I took in Elmira, NY under some train tracks. Just as I was about to snap the shot, the elderly gentleman stepped between two of the pillars and proceeded down the sidewalk. It was an unplanned, but very welcomed, occurrence.


  1. i really dig this shot bro. the lighting, the depth, the color, the fact that the structure is all aged and worn and there's an elderly looking man wlaking away into the distance. it reminds me of the photo "the walk to paradise garden" by probably my favorite photographer, w. eugene smith. except, instead of it being children walking into a tunnel of vibrant light, it's an old man walking into a tunnel of decay, leading to a dark door. life vs. death. you dark, gloomy son of a gun you.

  2. haha....thanks, man....nice analogy. I really like how the pipes on the ceiling are on the left and that the man is under them on the left. It's symmetrical, but weighted on the left side. Just lucky I guess :)