Monday, March 4, 2013

...Bogs Visionary Orchestra...

Last night, we hosted our first "house show".  Some great friends came over and shared a potluck of  amazing soups and scrumptious breads, and Hieronymus A. Bogs (from Bogs Visionary Orchestra) shared some of his songs with us.  I had a great time.  Here are a couple of photos from the night and a couple of my favorite Bogs' tunes, and make sure to check out his website....he's an all around good egg.  After such a fun night, I hope to do more shows in the future.

"Bogs Visionary Orchestra: Jesus"

"Bogs Visionary Orchestra: (Bonus Track)"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

...A Mix of BlackForrestry: End of Summer 2012...

This is a mix that I put together back in August.  I hope that it has some miles left in it for ya.  Get the download link in the comments section.

01 The Stepkids                        4:51
02 Jimmy Cliff                                2:48
03 Jessie Baylin                        2:24
04 Damien Jurado                        3:40
05 Matthew E. White                4:12
06 Soft Healer                                6:46
07 Jonathan Wilson                        7:21
08 Beachwood Sparks                3:35
09 Harumi                                3:43
10 Donnie & Joe Emerson        2:46
11 Boondoggle & Balderdash          3:28
12 Kin Ship                                2:21
13 The Arrows                                2:42
14 Quicksilver Messenger Service   4:02
15 Wool                                        2:43
16 Harmonica Paul                        2:38
17 Neil Young & The Mynabirds     2:59
18 Darling Dears                        3:37
19 Roger Shriver                        4:35
20 Robert Lester Folsom                3:18

Saturday, September 22, 2012

...Herizon Recordings...

   My adolescent years were lived in the era of the mix tape.  Granted, the cassette tape was in its twilight years, and most record stores had transitioned to just selling compact discs, but CD  burners were not prevalent yet, and most CD stereos were manufactured with a cassette deck built in (and who in the world had ever heard of an MP3).    So, if you wanted to record music or make a mix of songs to listen to, you did it via a cassette tape.
   Tapes were my first love.  They felt so versatile to me- like I was in control.  All I had to do was press the record and play buttons together and I was guaranteed to have something recorded to my tape.  Plus, they were so durable.  You could slip one into your back pocket and go about your day without having the slightest concern that it would get scratched or broken.  Sure, over long periods of time the music on the tape faded gently, but I loved that- especially when it came to the mix tapes that I compiled.  It was like the songs had married themselves together and were going through time together....becoming part of each other.  And this "fade" gave a sort of vintage to the music- a sense of nostalgia.  Kind of like the way you appreciate a photograph more after its sat in your desk drawer
for the past ten years- the edges slightly yellow-ed and the colors faded.  In fact, I purchased a car last year, and I was very excited to discover that instead of a CD player, it had a cassette player on board.  I broke out all my saved tapes and had such a good time listening to old mixes that friends had given me.  Alas, that fun came to an end when one of them became trapped in the player, but it was great while it lasted.
   I learned to love music, because of tapes.  Cassette decks had an inconvenience about them that turned out to be a blessing in disguise- they did not have a "skip track" button.  Of course, they had a fast forward button, but often times it was too much work to search for the end of one song and find the beginning of the next tune.  Because of this, I tolerated many songs that on first listen I did not enjoy....songs and albums that became some of my favorites to this day.  

   So, what's all this tape talk about?  Well, you might remember a post that I put up back in the spring, about Tim Condon, who performs music under the title of "Herizon". I'm excited to report that The Harding Street Assembly Lab has put out a cassette of  Herizon recordings called, Gave Up The Ghost.  Here's what HSAL has to say about the tape:

  Herizon has assembled songs from previous releases ("chesapeake bay", "cave drums"), reworked tunes ("home again", featuring virgineola), & as of yet unreleased pieces ("tied to me", "still believing"). This limited edition cassette (100 copies!) will serve as a pre-cursor to the upcoming Herizon LP, which is being recorded through the Harding Street Assembly Lab with the help of several HSAL affiliated musicians.

The tape comes with a free digital download in just about any format you could want.  You can give the tape a preview over on bandcamp They're a mere 5 bucks, so pick one up.  Only 100 were made, and they'll be sold at shows also, so they are going sell out fast.  Get one while you can.  You can purchase one by emailing Tim at, or by heading over to the HSAL bandcamp page.  These pensive, lo-fi, folk, songs are perfect for the oncoming Fall.  So, fall in love with tapes & fall in love with Herizon!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

...Faruq Z. Bey & the Northwoods Improvisers...

Faruq Z. Bey and the Northwoods Improvisers are a jazz group that I came across a year or so ago, and keep coming back to every now and then when the jazz bug bites me.  I've intended to put a mix together compiling this sort of stuff, but I haven't been able to get around to it.  Unfortunately, this past week, as I was revisiting some of his tunes, I discovered that Faruq actually passed away back in June.  So here, are a couple of tracks in memory of him and his great work.  You can also refer to the avant-garde jazz group, Griot Galaxy, to experience some of his earlier work from the 70's and 80's. Hopefully in the near future I'll finally be able to wrap up that mix that I've had in the works.  RIP Faruq Z. Bey.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

...A Mix Of BlackForrestry: To The Beach-With My Love 2012...

Here's a slightly adapted mix that I put together for our family trip to the beach earlier this summer. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get one last chance to dive head first into those waves again before cold weather sets in. Enjoy.
"A Mix Of BlackForrestry: To The Beach With My Love: single track"

01 The Beatles: If I Fell 2:15
02 The Beatles: And I Love Her 2:25
03 The Kinks: There Is No Life Without Love 1:56
04 The Turtles: I Know That You'll Be There 2:06
05 The Easybeats: Friday On My Mind 2:36
06 The Remo Four: Peter Gunn 3:09
07 The Swinging Blue Jeans: Don't Make Me Over 2:44
08 The Swinging Blue Jeans: You're No Good 2:10
09 The Fourmost: I'm In Love 2:06
10 Chad & Jeremy: Only Those In Love 2:08
11 Peter & Gordon: A World Without Love 2:36
12 The Zombies: Beechwood Park 2:38
13 The Zombies: How We Were Before 2:02
14 The Shadows: Peace Pipe 2:09
15 The Kinks: Sunny Afternoon 3:28
16 The Left Banke: I've Got Something On My Mind 2:45
17 The Kinks: Too Much On My Mind 2:22
18 The Kinks: The World Keeps Going Round 2:29
19 The Fourmost: I Love You Too 1:59
20 The Kirkbys: I've Never Been So Much In Love 2:07
21 The Kinks: Picture Book 2:33
22 The Association: Standing Still 2:42
23 The Hollies: Everything Is Sunshine 1:51
24 The Byrds: Have You Seen Her Face 2:34
25 Chad & Jeremy: Distant Shores 2:41
26 Chad & Jeremy: Wonderful Land (Instrumental) 2:41
27 Peter & Gordon: I Go To Pieces 2:17
28 The Mamas & The Papas: You Baby 2:09
29 Chad & Jeremy: If You Need Somebody 2:35
30 The Velvet Underground: I Found A Reason 4:13

...Link in comments...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

...082112 Phlora Fotos...

 I took these photos just the other day with my macro lens attachment.  The pictures feature random and ordinary things that are around my backyard.  It's amazing to see what these small and often unnoticed things look like up close and personal.  Autumn is on its way.  I hope that you enjoy these.

"Benoit Pioulard: Alan and Dawn"
-Thistle flower-

-Grain (undefined)-

-Queen Anne's Lace seed-

-Queen Anne's Lace flower-

-Queen Anne's Lace seed-

-Guinea Fowl feather-

-Rosehip berries-

-Queen Anne's Lace seed-

-Pumpkin blossom & striped Cucumber Beetle-

-Rose of Sharon flower & Common Eastern Bumble Bee-

-Thistle seed-

-Rose of Sharon buds-

-Silver Laced Wyandotte & Guinea Fowl feather-

-Pumpkin blossom & Cucumber Beetle-

-Rose of Sharon flower & Common Eastern Bumble Bee-

-Black Eyed Susan-