Monday, May 21, 2012


so i've been digging thru a trove of outrageously good videos on
youtube as of late. lots of outside jazz related stuff. the following
is not so much an outsider thing (especially considering that it
comes to us from the bbc), but it sheds a bit of light on one of the
most misterioso bands slash bandleaders to have ever graced
the cosmos: SUN RA!!!  i say a bit of light because le sony'r ra
was one of the most dedicated and unfliching personas of all
time.  many believed and still believe that he truly came from
another planet. if you are unfamiliar with SUN RA & his variously
named Arkestra then you ought take this worm-hole for a ride:

*(((*)))*(((keep a look-out for a post loosely related to this one sometime this week.)))*(((*)))*


  1. ""F" the ghetto. Think about space." I took his advice.

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    1. Hey Josh + Doug. Check out my blog when you get a chance.