Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i asked for a hole in the sky
and the clouds parted long enough
the sun was a welcomed visitor

visiting in our way
from days and days of rain
the girls poured out into its gaze

fashionistas in the field
wet grass sucking on their toes
you never know how the story goes
until you've lived it, done it, believed

fashionistas take their photos now
anyone of them could be my daughter
as beautiful as the day is long
and longer even after its close

i harbor the love of a father
i'm anxious for my second son
i will accompany, with fights, my daughter
eager for my day to be done

i asked for a hole in the sky
the clouds did a funnel thing
"Thank You" i said in your name
and i was enveloped by the moment, enraptured by the date

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