Saturday, May 21, 2011

...A Few New...

These are a few songs/albums that I've been groovin on lately.

(((((((((((The Peoples Temple))))))))))))

I just found out about these guys through Insound's mp3 of the day. This album, "Sons of Stone", is full of great sounds. There's stuff that ranges from sounding like the Rolling Stones to early psychedelic garage, all with a lo-fi feel reminiscent of Ty Segall. Just some good tunes to jam out to. I love this stuff!!!!

"The Peoples Temple: Where You Gonna Go"

((((((((((((((Luke Roberts))))))))))))))))

This album came out in April of 2010, but somehow I missed it until just the other day when I was browsing around Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace Records + Tapes. I really like the sound that Mr. Roberts has on this album- nice and laid back. Give it an ear and check out the video for another one of his songs, below.

"Luke Roberts: Somewhere To Run"

"Luke Roberts: Unspotted Clothes"

(((((((((((((((My Morning Jacket))))))))))))))))))

It's been a long time since My Morning Jacket has put out something that I've been interested in hearing, but after reading a few reviews of their forthcoming album, Circuital, and after hearing the two songs below, there may be hope for them yet. I enjoy the mellow sound of these tunes, but I have also heard some other numbers from this album which have not impressed me quite as much. Either way, check out the tracks and make your own decision, and then listen to the whole album when it comes out on the 31st.

"My Morning Jacket: Movin Away"

"My Morning Jacket: Wonderful (The Way I Feel)"

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