Monday, August 29, 2011

...Photos and a Poem...

Sorry that it's been soooo long. A lot of stuff has been going on here in our neck of the woods. Here are a bunch of photos that I've been meaning to post. Some are from earlier in the year and some are a little more recent. The drawing is something that I drew up yesterday, and the poem is something that was wandering around in my ol' noggin about a month or so. We had our super friends, the Condons, stay with us at the beginning of the month. The yellow t-shirt that Tim is sporting is my latest shirt design. Hopefully, I'll have more screen prints to display in the near future. I hope you enjoy the pics!!!!





10 or more ominous, circling kites-

Holy vultures, gliding in windy, airway slipstreams.

My hope?-

That they've sensed my dying flesh,

And have come to feast,

On the carcass of-

This DEATH to mySELF.


  1. i'm bit late to the gate on this one. fantastic photos. dig the mustache. have you considered curling with additional growth? great poem - was really pleased to see that you're still writing. love the bit about the carcass. could imagine a zombie reference making it into lengthier version. i need to write something. d

  2. As always, stunning photos, art, prints, family, everything. Never seen Tim without a hat. We just though he was bald and had a frightful tattoo on his skull. Great to see you all are doing well. We are on tour right now. Will be making our way through New York in two or so weeks. Would you guys be up for a visit? We've got presents!

  3. We would totally be down to have you guys come visit!!!! Just let us know the details...can't wait!!!!! I know that Bill and Wendy will be excited too.