Thursday, July 28, 2011

{(natural cathedral)}-{(a mixtape)}

dougie fresh here & you know that i know that it's been a long ol' time. please pay it no mind. here's to hopin' that everyone's havin' a stellar summer & that the following mixtape works your hazy, sunshine groove - may it seal the golden deal!
made up name - black eagle child
dreamboat - ryan trott
when i awake - die jungen
true blue - dirty beaches
weather - velvet davenport
honeybee - emily reo
magic fiesta - mpala garoo
too blue - it is rain in my face
the wedding song - deekie
memory pools - foxes in fiction
satin skies - triptides
stockholm - wet wings
we went wild - lord huron
surface - teen daze
nothing nowhere - sad souls
broken finger blues - richard swift
if the sun stops shinin' (chubby checker) - damien jurado & richard swift
back where i began - pure x
lonely time - the brazda brothers
vision - mountainman
mind drips (neon indian) - jesse woods
bloody boat - colossal gospel
forget - mathemagic


  1. Great mix, bro....thanks for sharing. Too many good tracks to comment on individually. That Richard Swift tune is killer though. He needs to stop just putting out these one hit wonders, put them all together, and press them as a full length on vinyl. Good to see you back on here....I'm hoping to make a comeback soon if time can avail itself. I have a bunch of photos, a couple of mixes, and at least one writing. We'll see when life will allow time for me to post. Thanks for putting this stuff up....crescere lives!!!!!
    EnochWolf (Josh)....(for some reason blogger won't allow me to use my profile in the "comment as" dropbox)