Monday, June 7, 2010


In response to Josh's "Symbiotic Parasitism." It gave me a strange, religious feel. Body and blood. Lord. Consume me. Host... very cool. At the same time though, when I think "parasite," god doesn't come to mind, but fear. Do they go hand in hand, do they rely on each other? A lot to analyze. Very cool, especially because it is so succinct. So, I wanted to play around with something surreal in response, but something with a religious vibe... I thought about the title for a bit, and your poem's double meaning-- and tried to have the same feel. Consummation obviously has a denotation of sexual completion, but to consume can mean so many things,(sexual, as well--) so I combined the two. Just like you did in my interpretation of your poem-- with the contrast between religion and foreign fear, in one thought. Anyhow, it's late. I just had to throw something together before bed, or I'd have lost my train of thought. I really enjoyed your "ramblings." I hope you enjoy mine.


  1. Thanks, man...I appreciate all your comments. I really love playing with words. I really like how the the word "mating" really stands alone in the word consummating. I'm on my way out the door, so I'll have to write more later. Good stuff, man

  2. hey justin. it's taken me a while to get around to commenting on this photo - been a busy beaver these days. was actually out in ithaca visiting the swartwoods this past weekish. dig the shot. it's unique and caught me off guard. i think that this picture was a risk but that you nailed it. the way that you framed it, leaving out the bottom of the statue and mouth, leaving out the upper face, the over light exposure to the left, the seeming sepia color alteration, the fine denistry - all these things made this photo work, and i like the concepts attached to it. hope you're well. how about some poetry man?