Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summertime in Ithaca....and the livin' is easy

Here is a little taste of Ithaca in the summer. This is "first dam" within the 6 Mile Creek flower preserve. As you can see, on hot summer days it is a frequented spot to cool off.....and do some cliff jumping. This is just one of many swimming holes around Ithaca and one of the most accessible spots. There are many more areas that are more remote and therefore less crowded, but I think that these photos capture the unifying energy of people trying to cool off on a hot, muggy, day. This is a large part of what summer means to me. If you have never been to Ithaca, you should definitely visit during the summer and enjoy some of these beautiful places.


  1. love that title bro! "...and the livin' is easy" - you're a hoot! man, i know you said that the one with the plunging girl on the left is your fave, but i especially like the middle one - it has nothing within it that would make you believe that it's current - it's seventies or early eighties all the way. what is that turquoise blob toward the center? is it a water mark that took a strange color thru some picture prcessing, or is it a life saver or something that is actually in the picture? i can't tell for sure. a six mile flower preserve huh? man, sounds like a great place to live. wink, wink.

  2. thanks, man...I was hoping for a classic look at these swimming holes. The turquoise spot is actually a pair of swim trunks on a guy standing slightly to the right of the waterfall. Watcha got to lose? Look at all you have to gain!!! ;)