Friday, August 6, 2010


Over the shoulders of green hills...

-(Recklessly destined for the lake at our backs)-

...Pewter clouds somersault by.

Intercepting our line of sight,

From cumulous fists of whiteness,

This head-over-heel weather begs a question-

Are we under a Northeast Kingdom sky?


  1. really like some of the language and imagery that you used here. it sounds nice and picturesque and yet a bit apocalyptic as well with backdrop hills waiting to sink into lakes and so on. what's a northeast kingdom sky? a reference to vermont? love the cloud imagery, especially "cumulous fists of whiteness." i'm always trying to come up with new ways to describe clouds - well done. i might partially highjack that phrase for a scene in "cecil bellows" which i'm presently working on.

  2. Thanks, man....yeah, that's a reference to Vermont. Hijack all you'd like and take this plane for a ride....