Friday, August 27, 2010

...A Mix of BlackForrestry- End of Summer 2010 mixtape 1...

So, I love mixes- tapes, CDs, downloads, whatever. I enjoy exposing new artists and creating a new found respect for old acts. There's just something about hearing a song bumped up against other random songs. It can be like hearing it for the first time- even if you've heard it hundreds of times before. I am constantly compiling new mixes in my head, and more often than not, I am working on a project to get music into the hands of the people within my sphere of influence. That leads to this post. As I was working on my latest mix, I had this bright idea- I should post the music on this blog. This would save me the time of burning multiple CDs for multiple people, and it would make the music accessible to more people, and they could download it at their leisure, while checking out bands' websites. It sounded like a Win/Win situation to me. So, this is my very first attempt at posting music on a blog. If everything goes well, you should be able to download the mix from a link below. Wish me luck......and enjoy.....

01. David Axelrod/Ravi Shankar/Kodo/Gentle Waves edit
02. The Sea-Ders
03. Susan Christie
04. Bell Gardens
05. Gabor Szabo
06. Larry Ellis edit
07. Richard Swift
08. The Mamas and The Papas
09. Lloyd Miller and Heliocentrics
10. The Moody Blues edit
11. Sonny and The Sunsets
12. The Monkees
13. The Dutchess and The Duke
14. Dusty Springfield
15. Incredible Bongo Band edit
16. The Go
17. Broadcast edit
18. Tame Impala
19. Toro Y Moi
20. Dennis Coffey edit
21. Little Wings
22. The Mantles
23. The Young Sinclairs
24. The Left Banke
25. The Zombies

If all goes as planned, you can expect a sequel within the next few weeks.

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  1. wanted to let you know that i'm still diggin' your mix. i've gotta figure out how to put one up here soon. i've got a good jazz mix goin' as we speak. i've got the bug again - i tried to avoid it, but i couldn't fight it off any longer.