Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...A Mix of BlackForrestry: End of Summer 2011...

I had plans to post this mix much earlier than this, but I just didn't have the steam to do it. I received the motivation I needed by watching the Richard Hugo video that Doug posted (see previous post). A flood of images and feelings swamped my mind as I watched it...images like the ones from the documentary Harlan County USA (a film that Doug turned me on to...if you haven't figured it out, Mr. Cooper is a constant source of inspiring ideas), and the same emotions that fill me when I hear the music of Blaze Foley. Anyway, it's these same sort of thoughts that birthed this mix. A lot of these songs also put me in that same head space...some more than others. Regardless of the effect that they have on me, hopefully they will have an enjoyable one on you.

01 The Band- Crossing The Great Divide 2:01
02 Buffalo Springfield- Kind Woman 4:08
03 Steve Young- That's How Strong My Love Is 3:34
04 Freddie Scott- I Shall Be Released 2:39
05 Bodies Of Water- Open Rhythms 4:15
06 Damien Jurado- Cloudy Shoes 3:58
07 Holy Sons- Reckless Liberation 3:58
08 Arian Calandra- Track 10 4:25
09 Bart Davenport- A Young One 3:06
10 Jim Sullivan- Highways 2:39
11 Delaney And Bonnie- We Can Love 2:18
12 Ron Cornelius- I've Lost My Faith In Everything But You 3:17
13 Tony Joe White- Aspen Colorado 2:39
14 Jonathan Wilson- Gentle Spirit 5:42
15 Bonnie Prince Billy- New Wonder 4:06
16 Blaze Foley- Picture Cards Can't Picture You 4:00
17 The Bees- Sky Holds The Sun 1:00
18 Cotton Jones- I Don't Suppose 3:04
19 Justin Stens and The Get Real Gang- Lonely Lonely Night 4:22
20 Conspiracy Of Owls- A Silver Song 3:59
21 Seth Kauffman- Absolute Sway 3:30
22 Joel Alme- You Will Only Get It Once 1:53
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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/?unsih5dpyd4djse

  2. Josh...great mix man! Solid thru & thru as I knew it would be. I'm lodged in a jazz daze right now so it took something really good to draw my attention away. Bart Davenport...Jim Sullivan...Jonathan Wilson...Blaze Foley...& oh man, Buffalo Springfield's Kind Woman is a crusher. I'm sure I must have heard it back when I was gathering together Neil's early stuff, but I just don't remember it. Perhaps because he's not leading, I didn't give it the attention it deserved. Thanks man. d

  3. i am completely blown away by this site! very inspiring. great songs and photos. i also love the t-shirt design work. are those available somewhere online for order? keep up the great work - damien jurado

    1. I'm glad that you're diggin' what you're seein'...Thanks for the positive feedback. Currently I have a couple of the Peace Be With You shirts for sale on a friends Etsy account....http://www.etsy.com/listing/93079467/peace-be-with-you-screenprinted-tshirt

      There are only a couple left in that color. I do have a larger selection of sizes for that design, but in a different color scheme (a VERY dark brown- almost looks black- on a yellow shirt). What designs were you interested in? Thanks again for checking out our stuff.

  4. Josh, this is so goddamned good. I have enjoyed all the BlackForrestry mixes and everything on this site for a long time. Whenever you put one of these up I find myself discovering new artists and digging into their catalog. Thanks again.

    1. Justin- I'm glad you like it, man...giving artists exposure is a big part of why we do this- plus it's just fun :)
      Thanks for continuing to check us out.

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