Thursday, March 1, 2012



  1. love these josh. i think you should you should stencil my head on the backside of your bathroom mirror so i can keep track of your medicine cabinet. or maybe that's creepy. what's the story with the grim ape?

    1. haha...I just might do that :)....the Beast is something that I did for an art event put on by my buddy Jared called "Drink & Draw"...The goal was to do live art, while spectators observed. This beast is always on the run...fearing for his life. I did this on a 4X4 piece of plywood. I had no idea what I was going to do, so I spontaneously made this guy up. All in all, it was a fun event, and a good practice of discipline.

  2. been taking a closer look at the top image (opening it up in a seperate tab) and it's really beautiful man. it has a very asian feel to me. and i just realized that it kinda looks like a record. the drink and draw thing sounds like a blast. makes me wanna start up a "porters & poetry" trend or something like that. Dan from the starving artist who was the poet serving as writer in residence (fantastic guy) is leaving to go back to az where he's from. he's gonna be putting on a few "lent & literature" lectures and a seminar on thomas merton over the course of the next month before his departure. i intend to attend. he's gonna crash at our place at the end of the month for a night, so perhaps i'll kick off "porters & poetry" then.

  3. I love the above drawing too. Reminds me of M.C. Ecsher. He's one of my faves. Yours is very detailed and beautful. Love it.

  4. The beast is very different for you in my opinion. It is very comic-like which I really dig. Play-on, playa!