Wednesday, March 28, 2012


thought it would be criminal not to raise a flag of praise for damien jurado's latest lp. josh & i have had maraqopa spinning on our players & in our heads since its release & it's really ringing our bells. we are both in agreement that this is his best material to date. it has genuinely stimulated great, sprawling discussion between us. you know you have something good when all aspects of the content generate conversations of length & real worth. if you haven't already, grab a copy & listen close! d


  1. Yeah, man, this album is incredible!!! I love his early stuff, too -(Rehearsal For Departure is my favorite early album of his...I can't reminisce about my time in Virginia without associating it with Ghost Of David...and after a friend put "Wedding Cake" from Water Ave S on a mix for me, I listened to that song over and over and quickly fell in love with the rest of the album, as well), but I have to say that the stuff Jurado and Swift have been putting out the past couple of years (Maraqopa, Saint Bartlett, and Other Peoples Songs Vol 1) have really nailed it for me. And to anyone who's planning to pick Maraqopa up, I would recommend spending a couple more bucks and picking up the package deal (if it's still available) which includes (3) 7 inches with 6 additional songs from the Maraqopa sessions...there are some amazing tunes on those 45s!!!! It's totally worth it.
    Thanks for the video, cool side note is that it was directed by Nathan Vollmar who makes music with his brother Justin- sometimes in Vollmar and sometimes backing up another dude in Bronze Float. The next mix I plan to post features both bands, as well as some other related artists, so don't snooze :)

  2. have you seen the ARKANSAS video. i hadn't seen until i checked out the above. love it. have you noticed the favicon i put together. i realize it's too small to be truly seen - it's a bummer cause it's pretty fantastic. if you want i'll send it to you so you can see it blown up. at some point i'll get up something more appropriate. lookin' forward to the mix - you won't catch me snoozin' d

  3. thanks for the vid d. the shot of the guys walking with the bats is great.