Saturday, March 10, 2012

////outside beat////a mixtape////


Then another tomorrow
They never told me of
Came with the abruptness of a fiery dawn
And spoke of Cosmic Equations:
The equations of sight-similarity
The equations of sound-similarity
Subtle Living Equations
Clear only to those
Who wish to be attuned
To the vibrations of the Outer Cosmic Worlds.
Subtle living equations of the outer-realms
Dear only to those
Who fervently wish the greater life

- Sun Ra


angels and demons at play - sun ra

utopia & visions - don cherry

africanasia part II - claude delcloo

b.t. - arthur jones

legacy - andrew hill

tarik - dewey redman

the will come is now - ronnie boykins

hum-dono - joe harriott/amancio d'silva quartet

rufus 3rd - new york art quartet

lonely woman (ornette coleman) - marzette watts ensemble

humility in the light of the creator - kalaparusha maurice mcintyre



  1. Man, this is such a great mix!!!! My favorite track is the Ronnie Boykins number...and the Arthur Jones tracks are killer as well. Definitely full of "my kind of jazz"...good solid rhythms...prominent acoustic bass...a touch of "free"...and a tip of the hat toward the "ethno". Nice picks, buddy.

  2. I knew you would dig the Boykins track - it's too bad the others from that session aren't as strong. And yes, Arthur Jones is a new favorite of mine - my best discovery in the comping of this mix. You would love the percussive elements of Part I of Africanasia, which I probably should have chosen given the title of this mix, but his blowing on the last 5 or so minutes of Part II won me over solidly. Many of these cuts came from the BYG/Actuel label - that's the one that G. Moncur III record I bought you was pressed with. Do some research on this label - very cool and very much up your above described alley. One that I did not include on here but wanted to is Don Cherry's "Mu" sessions. Both part I & II are seperating songs that all stream together as one w/o a break of any kind. Really good stuff, but not condusive for a mix unless your splicing. I intend to do a write up on Part I at some point. Anyhow, glad you dug it - thanks for listening. d