Saturday, July 3, 2010


temple, TEMPLE, temple.
Temple between temples.
God hosting cavern.
Vessel of mingling spirits.

Celestial stairway in cervical encasement.
Light path of shining synapse.
Beth-El's cerebral ladder-
Seven vertebral rungs...

Spirit resonating chamber,
Sustained by-
Rise and fall of Jachin;
Pulse and pound of Boaz.

Skeletal globe radiates incandescently;
FilaMENTAL thoughts glow in neon glory.

"Remove the high places-
Level the tables.
Spill the seats.
Scatter the little foxes from their den.

Speak asylum.
Provide sanctuary-
Adorn with wood and tattoo blue,
This tent not made by hands."

High priestly invocation,
Dissipates Ichabodic cries,
With a small voice:

Temple (((among temples))) be holy.

Temple be filled.


-In this temple-




  1. to repeat what i said earlier - i really like this one. rather than going into all that we discussed on the phone concerning style, tone, delivery, our perception vs. the reader's perception, etc... (which was a really good & thought provoking discussion by the way), i'll just point out a few of the lines that i really like:

    "...celestial stairway in cervical encasement - light path of shining synapse..."

    "...skeletal globe radiates incandescently - filaMENTAL thoughts glow in neon glory..."

    "...remove the high places - level the tables - spill the seats - scatter the little foxes from their den - speak asylum - provide sanctuary..."

  2. I was just rereading your poem, and again, I really like these lines:

    "Speak asylum.
    Provide sanctuary-
    Adorn in wood and tattoo blue,
    This tent not made by hands."

    I'm uncertain about the third line, but love the idea/reality of our minds being an actual temple and dwelling place for God coupled with the fact that our minds are also possessed by so many other things of little worth - things that cause us such grief. That as He indwells us there is a relational dynamic in which we can plead His kindness to provide refuge for us within the very place that He dwells. Crazy.