Wednesday, July 14, 2010

dim spark

here are some more song lyrics.
this one would actually fall into
the number one position
on the
album and is therefore of a darker
nature within the theme (if this is
confusing check the post entitled
"Holy Is His Ghost"). this photo
was taken by leah a few days ago at
the ocean but i did tweek the color
& contrast a bit - the atmosphere
was so eerie it was wild. it's my
brother-in-law in the photo.
here's the song:

dim spark
when my eyes meet with the dawning
there comes a black cloud in my mind
there goes a black thought sinking slowly
like a dim spark thru my spine
( layered, sweet, eerie moaning bridge )
i watch the days drift along the floor boards
and I smoke my cigarettes
as my feet scuff like a nun’s thumbs
upon a rosary of regrets
( bridge repeated )
the restless nights come with the vision
of all my dreams adrift on high
among an endless cloud recession
folding into a static sky
( bridge repeated & mingled with below chorus )
is this the sorrow of the world that I bear?
is this the sorrow of the world?

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  1. josh - don't know if you've had a similiar experience, but i just had a bear of a time getting my post to publish the way i was writing it. it was totally unpredictable & illogical the way it was tweeking my work. strange.