Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tell Me Something Good

Ramses' agent asked, "What is it horse face?"
the father asked the son, "When will the cold go away?"
history teacher rambled on and her colleague wanted to tell her
"Man, Sandra, you are weird." in a nice way
said the Bear to the Bee: "Bear my soul and you will see
a landscape being built upon; remodeled; redecorated"
the "he" wanted to tell the "advisor", "I want to change my major. I want
to teach English to eighth graders instead."
the Americans on the reservations said, "Crystal meth, leave our land!!!"
Asian girls clamoured in front of the local Kroger. Their giggles and body language said,
"We are hipper than you will ever understand."
the Night said to the Day, "It is good to see you again. Now...GIVE ME THE KEYS! THIS IS A STICK-UP!!!"
and Gerald, my guitar, sang praises to the one true God that sounded like
a soul crying, or Hawaii romanticism or Levi Americana clothing, or a Wim Wenders film or something more like reconcillation, and love and, playful adoration and
"Thank You Lord for making me: metal, knob, keys and strings"


  1. hi see u 2moreO
    baring ur line6 thingy

  2. drew...
    love this poem man. one of my faves from from you. love all the characters & their diversities - love the conversational dynamic - especially the asian girls, the night & day & the guitar.

    what's this talk of a line6 thingy? reason i'm askin' is i just got a ux2 for Christmas and have been just scratchin' the surface of it in the last few days.

  3. Yeah, I appreciate the feedback. I was kind of wandering about James' line too. What's a ux2?

  4. I love this, definitely have a unique style...I especially like the "Night said to the Day..." line and the final line. I'm always amazed at how you can use completely un-obscure references like Kroger and Levi Americana clothing and still hook me. It's a very interesting line that you walk....a sort of juxtaposition. I dig it, man