Tuesday, January 4, 2011

<{Cold Horizons}>

hope some folks are up for a bit of poetry during these long winter months. i've recently been inspired to begin a series of poems to get me thru this season. i have a bad habit of gettin' the blues, especially this time of the year. once the holidays have passed, it's a long haul here in the backwoods of new hampshire. perhaps a few of you know where i'm comin' from. adding to this, i've been feeling the need to push myself into a new place with my poetry lately. getting overly analytical & critical (conscious) of what you're writing can be pretty debilitating at times. i've been rereading kerouacs "mexico city blues" collection recently, and just read his mini philosophy on writing called "essentials of spontaneous prose" (here). i've loosely tried my hand at this before and always get stuck when it comes to editing (kerouac is anti-edit) and end up frustrated. for this collection of poetry, i'm goin' for it. if i don't edit - alright. if i do edit - it's cool baby, it's cool. if editing robs my poetry of the purity of essence, than put me down as non-essential. i'm in it to have a good time while attempting to purge myself of the winter blues. hope you guys enjoy looking in on the experiment. if you haven't figured it out yet, i'll be calling the collection "cold horizons." here goes:

taking me by the hand
she leads on to the smooth majestic elbow strokes
meandering knees
& God knows what else
creepy wonders marvelous & alive!
& all this awe purely from the outside
but in me
the shame - oh God
of the small shallow vision that I carry

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  1. just wanted to give some context to this poem seein' that you could easily read it in a way not intended. my wife is presently 6 months pregnant(our third)and frequently has me feel the babies movements - this ones pretty wild.