Sunday, April 1, 2012

...A Mix of BlackForrestry: Spring 2012...

Here's a mix that I've been planning to post for quite some time, but until now, haven't had a chance to. This group of songs reflects a few of the artists that I had in pretty heavy rotation back in the fall. Even though it's spring now, I think that the songs still work. I put this mix together 5 or 6 months ago to share these artists with my wife and children. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Mediafire link in the comments.

"A Mix of BlackForrestry: Spring 2012: single track"

01 Generifus- In My Cave
02 Vollmar- Beside the Sea From You and Me
03 Seth Olinsky- It's So Hard
04 Homecomings- By Faith
05 Little Wings- Hey Baby
06 Bronze Float- Walking To The Store
07 Thanksgiving- Track 3
08 Iji- Funny How Love Can Be
09 Bronze Float- This American Negative Pulse
10 Homecomings- Ask
11 Normanoak- Even The Golden Child
12 A John Henry Memorial- So You May See
13 German Error Message- Reaching Out
14 Generifus- Waiting
15 Vollmar- The Soft Hills
16 The Microphones- Heart Lake Rd.
17 Porches.-Peach Pit
18 Wind-Up Bird- Driving Around
19 Normanoak- Princess Unicornus
20 Little Wings- Little Bird
21 The Microphones- Antlers
22 A John Henry Memorial- A Family Album
23 Wind-Up Bird- Parasite
24 Ben and Bruno- Take Hold Upon
25 Porches.- Tall Boys



  2. sounding good josh. presently syncing it for the long drive to work tomorrow morning - a great way to start an early monday morning. thank you. d

  3. Hey Josh,

    I've really been enjoying this mix. The consistency/fluidity is a nice change of pace. The more I listen, the more the songs clearly distinguish themselves, but the solid flow of this brand of folk goes down nice. This first track has such a great, imprinting groove. I truly can't get it out of my head. The whole first chunk of tunes are really so good. Love the bronze float stuff. Thanks man. Let's talk sometime soon. D