Thursday, December 2, 2010


I just noticed that !!crescere!! is closing in on 100 posts. I am honored to be a part of this blog. It has inspired me and given me the opportunity to, hopefully, encourage other artists in their quests. I have mentioned many things that have had a huge impact on me this year. Some of them have come from this blog. Earlier this year I went through a very powerful change; an awakening. God, and I blame Him because this kind of beguiling activity has His modus operandi all over it, has used many instruments (some smooth, some blunt) to pierce me, hook me and draw me deeper into His heart. Holiness has been a huge reality that He has been opening my eyes to. Then a convergence of all the arts in my life (that I dabble in) being instruments of worshipping Jesus. It is as if everything I have learned, from the CD sleeves that inspired me to writing poetry in middle school, to my modest song writing based off passages of Scripture, has converged into a mountain peak and exploded at the tip into confetti and streams of turqouises, teals, canary yellows, golds and oranges. I am grateful that !!crescere!! is part of the journey.

Here is the short of it. Amidst a week of prayer I had a dream that I was at a concert. The guys playing didn't have their shirts on. For some reason that stood out to me. I heard the term "gravio rio". At first I thought it was the name of the band. As I researched I found "agravio" which means insult or wrong. Rio, of course, means river in Spanish. I have an affinity for aspects of Latin culture so this definitely spoke to me. I finally concluded that I was in the "wrong river". Though I wasn't in a terribly sinful state, necessarily, I wasn't completely in His pleasure.

One day the Lord spoke to me and said. "You can go higher". I realized then and since that I was spending more time in my soul than in His Spirit. As I said there were many tools He used. John Mark McMillan's The Medicine album, Philip Graham Ryken's Art For God's Sake, Makato Fujimura's work, Rick Joyner's articles on the arts and prophecy, as well as the days of prayer that were going on at our church at the time. It has opened doors in me that I am watchful to keep open. I just want to thank you guys for any response, encouragment or support you've given. If I'm on here a little less it's because I'm still striving to make Him my first audience. This is a beginning for me. I have spent 30 years stumbling toward this. Now I purpose to spend the remainder of my days here perfecting the best offering possible. Oh, it also could be because of my technological ineptness that I can't post a single song. Anyways, blessings to you all.


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  2. wow...100 posts!!!! It's great to have you on board, man....and how fun to be able to share stuff with each other over the distance that separates us. I look forward to many more years of inspiring each other to live this life completely and creatively.