Wednesday, December 1, 2010

<{(come winter)}>~<{(a mixtape)}>

greetings. happy first day of advent. here's a new mix intended to make you feel glad. if i were to try to describe it i'd say it sounds like the internal buzzings of someone dizzy with love. i realize that i might not have won you over with that statement, so allow me to explain:

the songs cover a lot of territory while consistently maintaining a sense of reflective joy & anticipation. somebody alone in a big room or ambling up a forest path with no one looking on. lost in thought. full of hope, acceptance, mystery. at times the music is hardly conscious - outside of time - flowing in the current. other times it's totally uninhibited - leaping giddy. i hope you've been here before. it's a good place to be.

what's the inspiration? i was thinking of a friend who i probably just described. one jaben vandenburg who this coming saturday will wed one carly arends. this mix is dedicated to them. i wish, hope & pray the very best to both of you & hope this music aptly reflects the coming days. congratulations - i wish i could be there.

as for everyone else, i would recommend this mix for activities such as drawing, walking, writing, necking, bubble-bathing, chessing, cooking & all around chillaxin'. enjoy. doug

birds pt. 1 - monster rally


  1. Doug... really loving this mix. It's pretty synonymous with the cold air. Putting me in a good mood; making me anxious for snow. I can't wait to listen to it when the ground is ivory again. I think I'll whip together a mix. Hm...

  2. The mix is's been a pleasant shift in listening for has really complemented the crystallized snow on the tree branches...definitely a nice way to get through the work week...thanks for posting...and Congratulation, Jaben and Carly!!!!!