Thursday, December 2, 2010

-:o:- First Attempt at Overlay -:o:-

Doug, I know we talked about Microsoft and how you've mastered their image program... but I don't think I even have it so I decided to play around with photoshop. I don't even know what I did, but I somehow induced some interesting effects by monkeying around. Overlaid a photo I found of my favorite place from when I was a little boy. A pond in Drew University's Zuck arboretum. Merging distant past and present... while trying to learn a thing or two: Youtube has some great tutorials. Photoshop has many, many functions. Layers are confusing! Anyhow, I like the way the colors turned out for sure. An eerie effect. Not too similar to your overlays which I'm so fond of, but I'm looking forward to playing around some more.


  1. I like this J. Schwaz. It feels like chaotic moments flashed over a peaceful mood, as if the chaos is coming in sequence. Kind of like old movie film if it runs out or is damaged right in the middle of the movie. I like this. Is that you in the photo? At second glance it almost looks explosive.

  2. Justin, I really like this, also- especially the reminds me of the cover to the Broadcast and the Focus Group album. I really like the concept behind it, as well.

  3. love it justin. love the split space between the copied reversed images. just know that once you start playing with this approach, it's very addictive. doug