Wednesday, March 9, 2011

El Salvador.

A few of many shots taken in El Salvador. Went down a few weeks ago to aid in building seven homes, was the single best experience of my life overall and in terms of photography opportunities. Completely indescribable experience. It's like I was in a twisted paradise. My view of poverty and happiness is distorted. Happiness seems more abundant in poverty, which seems so strange by our American standards. These childrens' faces are burned into my mind. I keep fixating on them, and wanting to be back there and live the way they do. Let me know what you all think or if you want to know more, etc.

PS: Shot with manual focus, aperature, everything the entire time. Aperture set on lenses from the seventies (Nikon 35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/2) May not mean much, but doing so for the entire trip made me realize how incredibly well I can control every aspect of a photo shooting fully manual. Prime learning experience. Came home with a whole new knowledge of photography.


  1. These are great, Justin!!!!! You've totally inspired me to shoot in manual....I'm going to do it. It's cool that you're using old manual lenses. I've wanted to, but I have a Canon and they're not as versatile ie they need some sort of universal adapter and even then all lenses don't fit. Apparently Nikons are a little more universal mounting wise, huh? I'm going to dig around a little more, though. If there's any info that you have that would help me out, I'd appreciate it. Great post!!!!

  2. ohh...and I especially like the first, third and seventh.

  3. WOW JUSTIN, WOW. what more is there to say... beautiful