Friday, March 4, 2011

...Mayer Hawthorne...

Mayer Hawthorne is another Stones Throw Records artist who is reviving the sound of vintage soul. Although he's more well-known than The Stepkids, I still don't hear a ton about him.

Mayer Hawthorne, whose real name is Andrew Mayer Cohen, also performs and records hiphop under the name Haircut. You can read a little more about him here.

Although many of the songs are slightly tongue-in-cheek, his album, A Strange Agreement, overall is a great blend of mellow and mildly poppy soul tunes. Even in its pastiche, this record has really grown on me, and I think that there is a lot to appreciate here.
The first track, Maybe So, Maybe No, is a good example of the album's feel good poppy side, while I Wish It Would Rain is a mellow slow jam. Come on, feel the groove and mellow out.

"Mayer Hawthorne: Maybe So, Maybe No"

"Mayer Hawthorne: I Wish It Would Rain"

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