Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...Destroyer of Brains...

I know, I know....Destroyer of Brains is not exactly the kind of band name that makes me think, "Ooh, this is going to be good", but put the name aside for a second. What grabbed my attention about this band was that Chris Schlarb is involved in the project. I'm a fan of I Heart Lung and Schlarb's solo work, and since Doug has been posting all these great jazz tunes, I've been thrown onto a little bit of a jazz kick, so I figured I'd give it a chance. It didn't hurt that Destroyer of Brains put the two tracks I found, up for free over at Sounds Are Active. Boy, was I pleased. Not only is Schlarb involved, but members of Breakestra are all up into this. Come to find out it is a 6 piece free jazz project. You can get more band info, contributors listing, and the two tracks over at the band"s SAA page. Also, check out Chris' website for more specifics on the project. If you're mildly interested in jazz, or even if you're not, give this one a whirl.

"Destroyer Of Brains: Song For Charles Rocket"

"Destroyer Of Brains: Love Is The New Black"

Song For Charles Rocket (Take 2) from Chris Schlarb on Vimeo.


  1. We really enjoyed this! Thanks for putting it up there!
    Mike, Grace & Naoms

  2. oh yeah! listened to this at least a dozen times since you put it up. i came across this shortly after their recording session and had downloaded the unedited versions off of schlarb's personal site i want to say. he does great edit work - you can tell it's tedious. seems he's tending toward more jazz oriented stuff lately. one note: i liked when they originally had the guitar doing what the bass now does at the start of the charles rocket song. the versions i have are the one's at the schlarb link that you put up. miss you brother. d

  3. actually, listening to it again, i think that is a bass, just higher up the fret. d

  4. Thanks for checking it out, guys!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. @ M,G,& N

    Thanks for the feedback, Doug....miss you too, Chief.