Monday, April 18, 2011


Here are some photos from the art show that I recently participated in at Heroes Comic Shop. It was a really fun time!!! There were lots of great people putting their stuff up.

Mason McMahon

Andy Wales

Dan Morris

Jared Aiosa

I didn't get a chance to take any shots of my stuff hung up, so I took photos of the stuff that was displayed in the show when I made it back home.

"Pipe Dreams"
12X12 cardstock paper

"Sea Is For Cycling"
14X18 Bristol paper

14X18 Bristol Paper

"Spirit Guide"
11X15 Watercolor cold press paper

"Guinea Pig"
14X17 Bristol paper

14X17 Bristol paper

19X24 Bristol paper


  1. wish i coulda been there man. great stuff indeed. i've never seen "spirit guide" before and it may be my new favorite. seriously - i love it. may need to have you spray it on the back of a hoodie in the future. love the title "sea is for cycling". are these all the prints from the show? did you save me one of each? what would the total be according to show prices? really siked about the momentum happening right now.

  2. Thanks, man...these are all the prints from the show, other than a couple of my older woodblocks that you have seen. Spirit Guide is brand spankin new. I created it last week specifically for the show. I'm glad you like it. I do have at least one of each left over. I sold all of the prints except "Chieftain-ess" for 15 dollars unframed. Chieftain-ess was 25. I tacked on an extra 15 for frames. I wish there was some way we could do a shared installment show. Maybe sometime in the future. Thanks for your support and feedback.

  3. what is a shared installment show?

  4. I guess a show where we both display our stuff....or maybe where I display my prints and you present your poetry....or some sort of thing like that.

  5. oh...gotcha. the term installment threw me, i think because i was asking about prices (5 easy installments of $4.50). chuckle, snort.