Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...Mal Waldron: The Quest...

Ever since Doug posted a track from Mal Waldron in an earlier post, I've been checking more of his stuff out. You can imagine how pleased I was to find this 1961 album, featuring Eric Dolphy (one of my favorite jazz musicians) on alto sax and bass clarinet, as well as my favorite bass/cello player, Ron Carter, adding some unique sounds on his cello. Although this album is not as "free" as I normally like, there are definitely some unique ideas within the more straight-ahead, melodic, song structure making it enjoyable. The tracks below exemplify two of the more moody ballads on the record. They're pretty catchy and dripping with sentiment. This album was later re-issued under Dolphy's name. The original artwork is shown below, and the cover above is from the re-issue.

"Mal Waldron: Warm Canto"

"Mal Waldron: Duquility"

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  1. great selection. for the longest time, this was the only mal session that i was familiar with and his playing here didn't strike on the first listen. coming back to it after hearing a lot of his other, more exploratory stuff helps me hear it in a new way. and i do dig the not so avant garde stuff when it's got so much feeling and mood - as you said. reminds me of why i like miles early stuff so much. never saw the reissue cover until now - it looks like it should be a reverse. thanks for posting. d