Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Grown Oceans

New album entitled Helplessness Blues comes out May, 3rd - can't wait! Dig this new video.


  1. love this video and song....waiting expectantly for my 12" to get dropped off by Mr. Postman. A guy I know somehow got his hands on a leaked version, and it sounds good. It can be the soundtrack to my spring/summer.

  2. doug- tried to get tix for their upper darby show. a bit too pricey and selling out fast but i hope to catch them next time around. thanks for posting. -j

  3. I love this album, incredible. I also got a hold of the leak about a month ago, and ever since have been listening... hard to think it's not even out yet, but I'll be purchasing it as soon as it is.