Friday, April 8, 2011

...The Politicians: Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic...

While searching around for psychedelic soul albums, I came across this. It's a little more funky than what I was looking for, but great nonetheless. You might recognize the title track, because the Go Team used a cut from it on the track "Grip Like A Vice" from their Proof Of Youth album. I hope these instrumental jams will put a dip in your hip and help get you through the day.

"The Politicians: Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic"

"The Politicians: Politicians Theme"


  1. That's crazy. The song "Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic" is featured on a Deepspace 5 song called "Mechanical Advantage". Wild!

  2. Nice, man....Didn't get that one. Nice catch!!! Thanks for the comment, bro!