Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...Photo Dump...

Here are 50 photos that I have taken within the past few months. They are unedited. I hope it's not too much of an overload. Enjoy.
"Nico: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"


  1. man oh man you've got one beautiful family. us coopers all just got thru lookin'. sadie wants to play w/ those chicks awful bad. elijah & judah look so grown up & handsome. the twins have gotten so big & beautiful - they remind me so much of lily & elijah at that age. you'd better start building a room in the basement for vashti soon - with combination locks! man is she beautiful! can't wait to see you guys and put the squeeze on your kiddos.

  2. bro, ditto to what doug said. loved looking through these. i can't believe how big the twins have gotten! really looking forward to seeing you all at papa fest next month. good times ahead...

  3. Thanks guys!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to check em out. Super excited about seeing you guys next month. Good times ahead,!!!!

  4. Awesome pics Josh! You've captured some amazing expressions! See you at PAPA!!!