Sunday, October 24, 2010


When I got my knew camera, this was the first set of shots I took. All of them (except the one with the top-down shot of the girl in the leaves) were taken very early morning at a cloister in the woods I that I find very powerful. It's a conglomerate of all sorts of 50's vehicles-- mostly Chevy's. They are partially buried, overgrown, and rotting away. I have no clue how they came to be. The trees around them are too big to be less than 100 years old. It's just a very strange, surreal environment that I often visit. I wanted to capture the sense of decay, and loss of life there. The shots of the boy hopefully reflect it. I've sort of created this fantasy story in my mind that some horrible accident happened there, leaving everything mangled; only to be abandon. As if nature tried to hide the fact by eradicating the roads and sprouting the old trees. Of course, none of it's true-- but it's an image to me. Some secret is trapped there. I just wanted to combine the strange feeling of the secrecy with the equally obscure sense of autumn (and youthful) decay.


  1. The first shot captures the macabre in a frozen way; as if the dead are stubborn. I like that. I also like the innocence of the children's faces in the following two pictures. My mind is almost awaiting blood and the absence of it makes for a creepier composition. Neat.

  2. That's what I was shooting for, man. There's definitely a creepiness in fall decay.