Saturday, October 16, 2010

}(this body)}

when this sickness finally goes
rises up from my bones like dross
i'll flee this place for another
divide the night like a freight train
i never have been too good at staying in one place
restless mind always telling my body how it should be
as though it knows
i'll step to the edges of untrodden heights
scale unclimbed trees
sing unsung songs
when my mind is better
better than this
i’ll be long gone
gone like the flipside of a full country moon
gone for good
there is a woodland where the water is quite mute
and not so swift in the flowing
the rain falls soft & slow there
sinks down deep
exalts the ground
trees & greens
doesn’t leave you quite so wet
i haven’t been sleeping
but once I've rested
i intend to move on from here
to the nourishment of fruit bearing a new hue
sweetness unfamiliar
i was on the porch this morning
with tea – but I was dizzy
time will tell it
downy tree shade that is dark
but not dismal – not daring
before too long
when this spell has finally lifted
i will inhabit a new dwelling
i will not care for this body there
i will plant no flag
carry no memory

1 comment:

  1. PHOTO: i'm studying kinesiology at the moment. bones, muscles, ligaments, etc... it's fascinating and so i'm starting to play with x-rays in my photo edits. fish make for a good start i guess.

    POEM: the original was written eight or nine years ago. i recently gave it a face lift & here it is.