Monday, October 25, 2010

Feet To The Pavement

i am being led by the hand
so that i can see and understand
so that i can breathe in deeply
what others have done
those who have gone before me
to Rothko's Chapel and the streets
of Austin
to John Coltrane's A Love Supreme
and the blueprints of King David
relayed, baton-like, into the hands of King Solomon
to the sacrificial offering
to Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around
to conceive how many times work is recycled
so that something short of perfection is made
to Makoto Fujimura's
Soliloquies and Four Holy Gospels
to this quest I place my feet to the pavement
to this way I rest my walk
to this giving place, that grows like bamboo, from
the knowing place inside my heart
to that sidewalk i am glued
but You, my love, must be
my only audience
for now, forever, far beyond the time being
to You, my love, i will grieve with woes
and suffer the most beautiful anxious part
to You, my love, i receive my imputed beliefs
that the shattered glass will, with gorgeous stains, carve
a life in me so diligent
carve a path by an immaterial Spirit so elusive
enabling my being
to run roughshod over minor importances
to the foot of a throne wide enough
to hold, at times, my ambivalence
and the certainty of God


  1. Thanks Josh. I'm planning to visit Austin again and I really want to see Rothko's Chapel in Houston too. Google some images if you ever get a chance. Also, check out Hotel San Jose. You would love it. I plan on staying there. They have Polaroid cameras and typewriters you can check out at the desk.

  2. I'm familiar with Rothko Chapel, but I've never heard of Hotel San Jose...I'll definitely look it up....sounds pretty cool.