Monday, October 25, 2010



  1. Great sketches, man! I love this style of work. The simplicity of the outlines is what makes it so great. Great humor in there too. The last one specifically "(Sometimes) love is tough" Says the mean-looking man with the MOM tattoo. Gave me a laugh. Also, perhaps its because I don't know many others who have this style-- but immediately when I saw these I thought of the cover of The Whitest Boy Alive's album art. Looked it up, turns out that it's done by a man named Geoff McFetridge from LA. Heard of him? He's got this same great style, but to be honest yours has a more complete feel to it. ( Check him out if you aren't already familiar.

  2. Thanks, Justin...that's huge compliment. I'm only familiar with his album art for Whitest Boy Alive and the animation that he di for "Golden Cage"...have you ever checked that out? It's super incredible. I'll have to look at his other stuff. Thanks for the link!!!!

  3. some more animation that I stumbled across:

    Also, I didn't realize it until I watched some of these videos, but he is also mone of the featured artists in this street art documentary called "Beautiful Losers". It used to be available as waich instantly on Netflix...the trailer is below. I thought that it was pretty good.