Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ever Present Help/ Helper, Help Me Now

vigilance i must prove
sobriety i must drink
the lion is roaring
the lion is seeking

and You my King
(from this point forth
i will refrain
from calling You anything less
than Your proper name)

the cloud over me is not grey
(it is the essence/Presence
of the Lord of Hosts)
the lightning flash at my back
is not frightening
(it is Your smile)

the dragon is a chamelion
the snake is a cuddle fish
the enemy is camouflaged
in the lies of my own selfishness

i repent, i am the
nothing more
nothing more than a saint
nothing less than a new creature

i hunt in wood
i carry a spear
it is composed of forever-words
it is made of all You've said

i create war in the jungle deep
i am a warrior with bare feet
i carry a javeline
it is composed of words that create wood
of Your manifold wisdom that makes things

a colorful array

i arise from the smoke, from decay

i will lavish in the beautiful
i will run in forever-fields
i will draw nigh to Thee
i will forsake what my tissue longs for

the repenter
the forgiver
the seeker
the hunter

i traverse the jungle deep
and the lion is waiting for me

i am ready

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  1. Beth and I saw M. Night's Devil last night. She seems to think it is the best he is done so far. I really enjoyed it and would put it as a close second to my favorite of his work, Signs. This poem is a reflection of some of the points made in the film as well as the realization I have come to today. I am an extremist. This means that there are certain places, whether material or immaterial, that I absolutely cannot go. I have flirted with these places and whenever this has happened I end up unraveling from the high place I am seated. I am still learning these disciplines. Prayers are as welcome as house hold guests. Please, come on in.