Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Response to The Sunflower's Shame

Josh's work, especially the third picture down, made me think of a poem I wrote almost 10 years ago entitled "Knowing"

of my crawling days i cannot recall
i cannot remember when i began
or when i lost my sense of knowing

as if it were a sun exploding
and i was one who came to find
the fragments f l o a t i n g

but at least i am relieved in knowing
that no one has ever loved me
the way that You do


  1. hey drew. doug here. sorry it's been so long since i've left a comment - been busy in a lot of ways lately. love this poem man. in case you don't know, i'm very partial to short poems. saying a lot in just a few words can be challenging. this is a great little picture you've painted here. the second stanza is stunning.

  2. Great poem, man....I just read it the other day. I was reading some of your older stuff that you gave me and then re-reading "the knowing place" and your other book. Fun to go back and check out with fresh ears/eyes.