Tuesday, November 2, 2010

since it's a coal mine

well, it took a bit longer than expected to get this tune recorded, mixed & mastered, but here it is in all of it's low fidelity glory. please give it a listen. and by all means, please comment, critique, offer suggestions, high points, low points, etc... this is our first recording for the album, and even this song can recieve some editing if necessary, so offer your input freely & know that ben & i will humbly consider any insights. this invitation is for anybody visiting this blog by the way, regardless of how you found your way here.

in reference to something i had alluded to in a previous post concerning this recording project: my long term hope is to start an online record label that focuses primarily on recordings and distributes it's music for free (digitally): complete albums, splits & possibly ep's. and though the music would be totally free to download, we would present the option for donation at any price with a suggested donation attached. each album would be connected to a particular cause, organization, person in need, ministry, etc... and the cause would be determined by the artists making the music. for instance, as an extention of the content of the album we're recording at the moment, our hope is to find a group that we feel akin to that focuses on mental health, suicide prevention & education and that sort of thing. my thought at the moment would be to have 75% of proceeds going to the cause and 25% going to the artists for things like instrument maintainence and upgrades as well as possibley putting their music on vinyl for further distribution, a candy bar maybe, and other things i haven't thought of just yet.

i also imagine the label becoming a network of musicians, a collective, available to collaborate with all other members from their homes via the web. like, i know i need a double bass player for a particular track, and i know that joe shmoe from siberia plays the double bass and is part of the collective, and so i contact him and see if he feels up to it. if he does...cool, if not...no sweat. that sort of thing.

there are many more thoughts and wild ideas churning around in my mind concerning this vision. i'll save them for another time, but wanted to germinate the seeds a bit for now. respond with thoughts & questions if you feel inspired. below is Be Thine Mountain's first official recording. hope you enjoy. doug

Since It's a Coal Mine - Be Thine Mountain


  1. Very nice guys!!! Can't wait to hear some more!! Wish I was in your neck of the woods to do some recording.. Please keep me posted on the release of this record. This song reminds me of Chad Vangaalen a bit.

  2. Dude, I can't stop listening to this song! Wouldn't change a thing..

  3. This sounds great, guys!!!! The pedal steel is a nice addition and I like the guitar solo. It makes me think of something caught between the Castanets and Phosphorescent- but with a more minimalist sound. I also like the photo...it adds visual style to the song. I'm looking forward to you guys posting more.