Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mixcloud: fluid radio

i've been meaning to look into this "mixcloud" business for a while now. i come across there widgets on certain blogs and am always impressed with what i see & hear. i'm still reading up on the details, but basically it's a place on the web where poeple can create a radio station that plays full, uninterupted radio shows that people can stream (not download). these are basically mixtapes and they can be embedded on blogs and elsewhere in the form of some pretty nifty widgets as seen below. Fluid Radio is one mixcloud radio station with many dj's making radioshows/mixes. Everything i've come across of theirs so far has been really good - a good blend of ambient stuff & folk stuff for the most part. i've been listening to both lately, so three cheers for Fluid Radio! This is a very chill, folk driven mix i was listening to for the first time this morning & it sounds great. It's from a dj/musician by the name of Nils Frahm. if you like this Sibylle Baier tune i'll be including it on a forthcoming mix that i've been intending to put up for some time now. enjoy. doug

www.mixcloud.com ~ www.mixcloud.com/FluidRadio

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  1. nice!!!!...he's got some Gareth Dickson on here. He was playing with Vashti Bunyan on her last tour and (I believe) playing in her band...nice stuff.