Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...A Mix of BlackForrestry: Lite-ly Fall...

Here's a mix of some of the stuff that I've been listening to lately- folksy stuff from the 1960's and 70's. Listen to it here or download it as individual tracks with the mediafire link, burn a cd, and check it out while you travel to your Thanksgiving festivities. They'll be a couple more mixes of this variety popping up in the near future. And remember, if there's something that catches your ear, keep your eyes open for it at your local record shop and pick up a hard copy of it...enjoy!!!

"A Mix of BlackForrestry: Lite-ly Fall"

01. Heron- "Car Crash"
02. Bill Fay- "I Hear You Calling"
03. Marc Brierley- "The Answer Is"
04. Bob Desper- "Dry Up Those Tears"
05. Anne Briggs- "The Time Has Come"
06. John Fischer- "The Cold Cathedral"
07. Jim Schoenfeld- "Before"
08. Jeffrey Cain- "For You"
09. David Hemmings- "After The Rain"
10. Jim Sullivan- "So Natural"
11. Skip Spence- "Little Hands"
12. Billy Nicholls- "It Brings Me Down"
13. Chris Britton- "Why Did I Let You Go"
14. Ted Lucas- "Plain And Sane And Simple Melody"
15. Michael Yonkers- "The Day of Jubilee"
16. Ben Atkins- "That Brings Me Down"
17. Alexis Korner- "Sunrise"
18. Jackson C Frank- "Milk And Honey"
19. Duncan Browne- "Final Asylum"
20. Susan Christie- "Rainy Day"
21. Linda Perhacs- "Hey, Who Really Cares"
22. Wendy & Bonnie- "By The Sea"



  1. Great mix! I especially love that you include Bill Fay.

  2. really good stuff bro. hands down, the bill fay tune is my favorite - might have to tuck that one away for a be thine mountain cover album. other faves include jim sullivan, ted lucas, and as you know i really dig linda perhacs. also downloaded the new chris schlarb album today - really good stuff. peace

  3. Can you please provide a new download link?