Friday, November 5, 2010

...{the end is at hand}-{Jesus music, vol. 1}...

If you enjoy rare, psychedelic music...or if you enjoy "Jesus Music"...or if, like me (& Doug), you can get down with both, then, boy oh boy, do we have a post for you.

You may not know it, but Doug and I have been brewing up this little treat for a while. In our never-ending search through music of all types, but especially psychedelic and folk music, we kept bumping into these great, almost unheard of records- albums from the Jesus People Movement of the 1960's and 70's. Although some of the tunes from that movement may have had a cheesy quality to them, there's some really interesting stuff that came out of that period and subculture as well. As much as Doug and I love making mixes, upon discussion, we realized that we had never made a comprehensive mix of songs from this category. So, we decided to work cooperatively to make this compilation for you to enjoy. If you have any interest in "outsider" music, then I think you'll find these tracks to be pretty engaging.

While putting this together, we discovered that we have a bunch more stuff to share, so this will be the first volume, with several more to follow sometime in the future. These posts are intended to turn people on to these obscure artists. If you like what you hear, feel free to check out the following link to support the artist by purchasing a recording:

Also, keep your eyes peeled at your local record stores. Many labels are re-issuing rare, outsider, records, like these, as the interest in them increases. Let us know what you think. Dig? Want more........................... Get Volume 2...

...a collaboration between doug & josh...
(2 forty minute halfs combined to make a whole lotta goodness):

"The End Is At Hand pt.1"
Creation, Lord I saw You cry - Azitis (1971)
Almighty God - Wilson McKinley (1972)
Someone Who Cares - Gospelfolk (1969)
Come Into My Life - First Revelation (1974)
Spirit Move Me - Ray Lemay (1979?)
Jesus Is - 2nd Chapter of Acts (1972)
This Bird - Fraction (1971)
On Solid Rock - Out of Darkness (1970)
The Rapture - The Last Call of Shiloh (1972)
Second Best Friend - Infinity Plus Three (1971)

Get the entire 1st half of the mix at:

"The End Is At Hand pt.2"
"A Love Song (Reprise)"- Love Song (1972)
"The Edges of His Ways"- Linda Rich (1969)
"Son of God"-
Parchment (1972)
"Sailing On A River"- Glass Harp (1972)
"The Bible"- D R Hooker (1972)
"Pressed Down Shaken Together"-
Pressed Down Shaken Together (1972)
"Kingdom"- Harvest Flight (1971)
"You And I"- Search Party (1968)
"All Across The Nation"- All Saved Freak Band (1979?)
"Will The Circle Be Unbroken"-
U.S. Apple Corps. (1970)
"Romans 10:9"- Selha (1972)

Get the 2nd half of the mix as individual tracks at:

Give One Way Trip- Jesus Music Vol. 2 a listen

...Check out these interesting videos documenting some of the "Jesus Movement"...


  1. That's some crazy footage you found, there, Doug...

  2. Good tracks, man...My favorites are Fraction, First Revelation, Gospelfolk, and Infinity Plus Three. I like the guitar work in the First Revelation track. The videos are great too...I've never seen any of them before...I'll post some videos on the next installment...

  3. Josh - Hi! And what a great post (and blog)! I've spent the last few hours listening and searching for many tunes. What a blessing...

    Anyway, you guys should check out Liberation Suite at

    In Him,
    Patrick Taylor (from Indiana via Ithaca Vineyard)

  4. Patrick- what a pleasant surprise to read your comment!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the tracks and the blog. Thanks for checking it out and for refering Liberation Suite- I'll definitely have to check them out.

  5. This is wicked, no pun intended. Thanks.

  6. Thanks, Jim...I'm glad you enjoyed the mix...thanks for checking it out.

  7. Thanks for Vols 1 and 2 of this compilation. I've been involved with the Jesus movement since 1973 and in the past few years have been systematically gathering up as much of this music as I can. You introduced me to a few bands here -- something I'm esp. grateful for, as I've got most of these LPs in toto (my collection is a bit on the ridiculous side) and don't run into too many 'new to me' Jesus Music bands/artists. Blessings.

    1. Jon- thank YOU for giving these mixes a listen. It has been our pleasure, completely, putting them together. Like we said in the post, Doug and I were putting music together for each other and thought that it would be fun to share it with others who might enjoy it. We're just pleased to have people, like yourself, checking them out. It's always cool to come across a Jesus movement "lifer". I'm sure that there's a lot that we could learn from your extensive knowledge, as well. Thanks for listening and keep your eyes peeled for Volume 3. Hopefully, it will drop within the next couple of months.

  8. How about some Larry Norman for Volume 3?

    1. Hey Jeff, Truth be told, I thought that Larry Norman would be on this first mix, but we kept finding stuff that was even more unknown than Larry....I'm sure that a future mix holds a spot for Mr. Norman...thanks for listening.

  9. Thanks for this Jesus Music comp, there's a couple tracks I didn't have.

  10. any chance new link, thanks

  11. maybe depositfiles zippyshare yadi or mega, anywhere other than mediafire, (MF scans rar/zip files for filenames to delete/block download)

  12. New links please? Got a radio show playing this stuff and need new content!

  13. Hey Josh,

    Is there anyway to go about getting a copy of Vol.1 & 2 at this point? Thanks.

  14. Is there any way the first volume can be re-uploaded? The links don't seem to work anymore..


  15. I have gone through your blog this is such a good topic.

  16. These are great compilations. I play tracks from them on my radio show Jesus Revolution. Check it out Thursdays 7a & 7p on