Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{cold horizons}-{seven}

{utopia & visions} - {don cherry}


when you rise up, quietly sing the humming wordless song that lights you - strum strum for the dancing curtains of the wintry morning - for if we’re to live for all of eternity - wheels that keep turning - pulling us further & further until they’re worn into nothing but a vanishing memory of time - than we should say so

go out - walk the treeline - feel the sun - cast your shadows – mutter afresh the story and listen – for if this day you can walk as you do - flannel flag flying free in the pink edges of an orange sky that is pink edgedly orange in just this way, never to be repeated - then you should say so

and if i – today - can tow with ease this chain of glinting thoughts & sounds as they unravel from me endlessly in just this way - churning & bobbing within my dome only - here & gone as quick as they came – than i should say so

for if we are immortal as we sleep in our tangled dreams & cotton sheets - if we are fixed in the sky of God’s good pleasure - a fixture of His golden gaze - set free to shine in ceaseless stardusting reverie - if we are loved - not merely tolerated beneath a pact of unspeakable bloodshed (holy & worthy of perpetual praise) but actually & truly befriended – invited – pursued – embraced – wanted – then strum strum - ring the bells - and let us say so!

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  1. If I love it, I should say so....and I will. This is a great post...good picture (I like the triangle), thought provoking writing with interesting phrasing (I like the imperative to "cast your shadows"...has figurative depth to me as well as face value), and excellent choice of song (this tune reels you in to a world where thoughts grow like weeds or maybe multiply like rabbits scurrying down one trail and then another...I feel a jazz kick coming on!!!!)...