Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Vinegaroons, also known as Whip Scorpions, are prevalent in the south-west and fairly easy to catch. This one was the biggest I had ever seen. As a defense they spray a vinegar like substance from the tip of their whip-like tails, hence their name.
Shortly after spotting this guy I got into a group called Calexico. They actually have a song called "Vinegaroon" that always reminds me of one of these little buggers crawling around. They are truly fascinating.
Calexico has definitely become a favorite of mine. Their album "Carried To Dust" is the first vinyl I ever bought. They are named after the small city that borders Mexico. The border actually runs through the city. On the California side it is called Calexico. On the Mexican side the city is called Mexicali. You guys may have heard of it. It's also in Ocean's Thirteen when Casey Affleck's character visits there to get the gambling ball rolling.
Calexico sounds just as blended as their name; an interesting fusion of country, spanish horns, whispy voices and an alternative rock edge splashed all over everything.
The Budos Band has a song called Scorpion. How many "critter tunes" can you guys come up with?


  1. I've never been able to get into Calexico much...maybe I'll have to give them another try :)
    I love that Budos Band tune....been trying to rack my brains for critter tunes, but nothings coming to mind.....there's got to be lots of tarantula or black widow songs...I'll keep working on it and will let you know when I come up with something. Thanks for sharing, man.

  2. how about dylan's "day of the locusts" or don peris' "firefly". not sure if those are truly in the insect family or not.

  3. They most definitely are Doug. Fernando Ortega's "Dragonfly", Pearl Jam's "Bugs" and "Red Mosquito"

  4. So, I finally came up with some.
    Flaming Lips- "Buggin" (about bugs)
    Guided By Voices- "Catfood On the Earwig" &
    "Bee Thousand"
    mewithoutyou- "Yellow Spider"
    The Supremes- "Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me)"

  5. Honey bee keep on stinging me! Now that's what I'm talkin' bout. Is mewithoutyou still crankin' out good stuff? Catfood On the Earwig has got to be the funniest so far. Neat imagery.