Thursday, February 24, 2011

...Cotton Jones Basket Ride...

I'm not quite sure why it took me several listens to get into Cotton Jones, but it did. Just ask Doug. He had to encourage me to give them a chance, several times. Maybe it was the diversity in their songs.....or maybe it was the random electronics tossed into the dusty country sound that I needed to get used to. Whatever it was, I'm glad that my ear finally accepted what I was hearing.
It was through giving their recent LPs (Paranoid Cocoon and Tall Hours In The Glowstream) a chance, that I stumbled upon this album over at emusic. It's titled The River Strumming and it's their first full length record. Boy, do I like this stuff. It's much more lo-fi than their other recordings, and while some people may not like that fact, I feel like it really accentuates their "country, with a hint of soul" tinged music. The rougher recording quality, in my opinion, actually makes their experimentation with loops and/or electronic sounds more cohesive with the other elements of the songs. It's just all around interesting stuff, and because of this album, I enjoy the band's more current releases even more. Who knows, I may have not had such a difficult time getting into them if I had heard this album first.

"Cotton Jones Basket Ride: Midnight Monday, And A Telescope"

"Cotton Jones Basket Ride: To Death With You"

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