Tuesday, February 22, 2011

...Ron Cornelius...

I keep coming back to these songs, and each time, I enjoy them more. They're featured on Ron Cornelius' solo album, Tin Luck. I'm not going to write much about Cornelius or the album, because there are many available articles- written by more informed people than I- that do a much better job than anything I could do here. For more information on him, you can check out this interview here. One thing that I feel is important to note is, that Ron was a session musician who played with the likes of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Hopefully, this fact will validate him enough for you to give these two songs an ear. Something about the second song (Still Gone) makes me feel like Kurt Vile might have given this guy a listen.

"Ron Cornelius: I've Lost My Faith In Everything But You"

"Ron Cornelius: Still Gone"


  1. great post my man. listening to the first track i was convinced that he musta played on dylan's new morning lp. pulled it off the shelf and sure enough. listen to "time passes slowly" or "went to see the gypsy" to see what i mean.

  2. Definitely, man...it also comes through on "The Man In Me"