Friday, February 25, 2011

...Joel Alme...

Maybe I'm hanging out in the wrong circles, but I'm kinda, sorta surprised that I haven't heard more about this guy.
Before I get too far into this post, I have to confess something- I have never really been able to get into Bruce Springsteen. Oh, I mean I've tried....ya him several chances......and then going back and listening to "the right stuff". For some reason I just don't feel it- even the "good" stuff.
So, I say all of this, because comparisons between Joel Alme and Springsteen will no doubt be made. Even I noticed the similarities. But, these are not the reasons why I enjoy Waiting For The Bells. Although it's a little under the surface, there are times when I hear a little bit of Dylan....and the "almost-Phil Spector-ish" beats and arrangements are really the hooks that keep me enjoying the Swedish singer. All this, along with the sweeping strings and a production that makes it sound like it was recorded 50 or 60 years ago, is enough for me to get over the similarities. In fact, it sort of reinvents Springsteen in my mind, and while I can't speak for his other record, this album (and the fact that tastes are supposed to change over time) makes me wonder if I should go back and give The Boss yet another chance.

"Joel Alme: When Old Love Keeps You"

"Joel Alme: The Way We Used To Beg"


  1. this guy's great!!

    with the first tune (which is fantastic), though he doesn't sound like bob, i can definitely hear dylan in his vocal delivery. the song's arrangement also has something bob about it. with that said, where's bruce? there are very subtle hints of him in the vocal delivery on the second tune - the chorus maybe - but i wouldn't have picked it up had you not mentioned. i don't think that joel is a step in the direction of bruce. i like joel too much for that to be true. and no, i hadn't ever heard of him either. good find. d

  2. glad you like it, man....maybe I selected the stuff further away from the sound of the Boss, but there are definitely other songs on the album that have a hint of Springsteen in them IMO...either way I'm glad you dig it.