Monday, September 27, 2010

Conglomeration and a Vision

Luna (a satelite revolts)
Nautilus (on Neptune's moody shores)
Nebulas (as a planet unfolds)
Sepulcher (empty tomb absent its doors)
Perseverate (continuing your words in bold)
Simpatico (brains connected and on course)
Instrinsic & Extrinsic (the thoughts take hold)

33 trapped in a mine
singing Chile's national anthem (fine)

the vision of things found in the mountain
warriors on the shore (oblivion?)
the Lord, Himself, comes out of the ocean
warriors' (dressed in black) armor changes
beautiful calamity, gorgeous commotion
with every movement in worshipping the King
you see the colors change-the earth shakes, it rings


  1. hey drew. so...i've been wading into this poem a bit: looking up definitions, comparing the two 7 line stanzas, checking updates on the miners, etc...

    i like the feel of this poem, but because i'm unsure of it's underlying meaning and intent, i'm unable to appreciate it the way that i want to. would you help a brother see the light?

  2. I'm with Doug, bro....I really like this. It feels surreal/dream-like. It also feels saturated with cryptic deeper meanings. Show us the method to you madness- out of the mouth of madness.

  3. lol...Josh you crack me up. I still remember how much everybody at our old place hated that movie. It reminds me of the time when I showed Nacho Libre to some guys from New Life...They were like, "What in the world is goin' on up in hithereth" Doug, I appreciate your interest. Let me pull out my flashlight (bop light)and stop all this signifying.

    The first part is actually me trying a few neat words that I heard people use one day at work. Teachers say "perseverate" a lot around here because our kids do it so much. I was just curious as to what would happened if I just smashed them around a bit.

    The line about Chile was inspired by the men trapped in the mine who seemed to be doing so "fine".

    The last stanza is actually part of a vision I had in church that the Lord gave me one day. It was more of an impression. That's the only part that really has any real meaning.Whew...long answer huh?

  4. thanks for sharing, man. I like it. I should go back and watch that movie again....I was pretty narrow-minded back then. I might revisit it and fall in love with it, who knows?