Sunday, September 26, 2010

larry norman & the get low frisbees

some film related bits for those interested:

i inadvertently stumbled upon this film while working. I was joyously required to take an individual to see a movie in a pinch. without making a plan we made the long drive to concord, nh in the early afternoon only to learn that all the main theaters weren't showing movies until after 4pm. i did some asking around and found a fantastic independent theater downtown. it had tiny, fancy theaters, offered great treats, served good beer (no drinking on the job!) and offered other niceties of the sort. not to mention that they were showing great films (, one of which was "get low". It was a great film - scratched all my particular itches. highly recommended. i'll let the trailer speak for itself:

also, while doing some preparation for an upcoming mix that josh & i intend to collaborate on, i stumbled upon the fact that larry norman died a few years back. i was unaware of this some how and was saddened to learn of it. i also came across this trailer for a recent documentary about his life. the film was directed by david di sabatino who also made the documentary "frisbee" which you can also check out below.


  1. looking forward to checking out Get Low and the Larry Norman film...I'm interested to see how Larry Norman is portrayed, especially having watched the Lonnie Frisbee movie....looks like it will be very interesting.

  2. I saw a preview for Get Low some time back and it really caught my attention. You can't beat Robert Duvall.

  3. oh yeah man - duvall is the bees knees. THX 1138, Apocalypse Now, Tender Mercies, The Apostle,etc... he's classic in this film. be sure to see it.