Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Tunes

http://allthebrightlights.wordpress.com/Hey you guys. I just found another band I really like. I think you will too. The bass and guitar player for John Mark McMillan has a group called All The Bright Lights. Check them out. Also, there's a great free download from The Blue Indian Compilation. Tell me what you think. John Marks' "Carbon Ribs" is on there. Excellent song.


  1. drew man chew:

    i like. haven't heard of these guys before. here's something slightly different but similar - they had had a free album for download, but it seems to have expired:


  2. I gave it a listen and I like The Bird Ensemble. The drummer seems to have some strong jazz influences. Some of their stuff sounds like Desolation Wilderness (whose vocals are almost incomprehensible). The cover to one of their albums looks awesome-big cloudy sky.

  3. Drewsephina-
    thanks for the link. I'm giving them a second listen right now. very post-rocky. Nice and contemplative. When music is intended for worship, I listen to it with new purpose. I appreciate it at a deeper level based on its intention. That is the case with what I'm hearing. I hear it differently than if it had just been any old band. I like it, man. Thanks again.