Thursday, September 30, 2010

[{( Routine Homecoming )}]

so last night i was recording a song with my buddy ben nester.
ben & i used to play in a band called Routine Homecoming together.
it was initially ben's solo project, but it eventually developed into a five piece.
each of us had a fulltime job and small children
and living in NH made for long trips to play out,
and so for this and various other reasons
the band folded about a year ago (on good terms).
other members of the band included
paul vittum, nate herrick & micah drexler.

at the moment ben & i are writing and recording music
under the name Be Thine Mountain.
the focus is on recording as opposed to playing out.
it's a very loose arrangment and therefore
works very well with our present lifestyles.

in a week or so i hope to post Be Thine Mountain's
first song for all to listen to and download,
as well as sharing my broader vision
for forming a collective of recording musicians
who are interested in harnessing free music
as a means of saving the world.
or at least parts of it - or people within parts of it anyhow.
so if you're a musician with the ability to do home recordings
and you like the idea of saving people in parts of the world,
then you might want to tune in for that one.

for now, here are some recordings from Routine Homecoming.
hope you enjoy, and would love to here your comments ~ doug

Computers Monitor

God & the Saddest Song

Heavenly Knives

There Will Be a Light


  1. Looking forward to the new songs Doug!! This was the fist time I've heard these routine homecoming songs. There great! Is there anyway you could send me the mp3's to these songs? My email is Peace!

  2. Tim, you should be able to download them right here, from the links....try it and let me know if it works. -Josh

  3. heavenly that song more and more every time i hear it. thx for posting.